Monday, 22 November 2010

Those who can't...

So a little bit about me. I'm 23 with a solid molecular biology degree, I used to work for a big science company but the commute killed me, so I thought I'd try my hand at teaching. Money seemed good with decent career prospects and the idea of "giving something back" has always appealed. 9 months of on the job training and a few essays later and I get my first job.

This blog has been started a term into my first teaching post. At first everything was rosey, classes liked me because I'm young and a new face, but that soon faded after October half term. In this blog I hope to give a true insure into life in a secondary school in the south east of England which will entertain anyone who cares to read and maybe help those starting teaching!

This week has already been eventfull. A year 8 class with a simple practical lesson. Asked to put 3 drops if benedicts into their Boiling tubes. All 14 students proceeded to put the drops into a beaker of boiling water. Now some may say they made an honest mistake. However since I brandished a boiling tube in the air as I gave my instruction.... Well you get the idea!

Being the true proffessional I stoicly went back over the instruction, smiled, and swallowed the desire to break down into a gibbering heap of a man giving up hope. And therein lies the key to teaching...if you can't act don't do it, because you will always look back and laugh but at the time it feels like you're trying to perform brain surgery with a crow bar.

But on the same day a year nine set grasped the concept of how fragile the atmosphere is in ten minutes and decimated an hours work in ten minutes. This makes the day worth while, well some of the time!

So the day ends at three and friends and family think it's the biggest doss going. But since I'm sitting here at 8 just putting down the dreaded red pen after a Sunday spent preparing lessons the kids don't listen to and there fore don't understand I beg to differ!!

Quote of the day: fibre is important because it helps us ejaculate more often...

Teaching.... Those who don't realise what they are letting themselves in for end up doing it!!

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